ACCESS CONTROL Do you know who is entering your business?

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions are experts in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and training on a wide range of Access Control and door entry systems.

Our Access Control Systems are built to BS EN 50133 standard and create a constant physical barrier for times when your Intruder Alarm is switched off; allowing you to define how your staff and customers move around your business thus providing traceability and audit trails of access.

One of the main benefits of an Access Control System is the removal of mechanical keys from the day to day of a business. If a key is lost or falls into the wrong hands, all applicable locks need to be replaced and the re-issuing of keys to maintain security. This cost can amount to hundreds of pound. The cost and the loss of the building integrity is no longer an issue with an Access Control System. Another attractive feature for management is cards and fobs can simply be deleted from the system if they are lost or a member of staff leaves the company. The deleted fob or card will no longer be able to gain access to the premises.

Management find the Access Control System a great tool for Payroll to monitor the hours worked by employees especially to justify overtime claims and also to assist with the working time directive.

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Do you need to limit and control access to sensitive data and specific areas with your business?

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions can design an Access Control System that will allow safe movement of authorised employees, visitors and contractors throughout your business. It will prevent authorised access to restricted areas, help to prevent the loss of stock and personal possessions as well as keeping personal information safe. It can also be used alongside automated gates, vehicle barriers to control traffic to and from a site, whilst allowing the same ID token to be used to grant access to the designated areas within the premises.

A system designed by Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions you will have the ability to have the system designed using the latest technology available: cards, tokens applications to feature rich biometric systems, all of which are scalable, flexible and easy to set up and use. These Access Control security systems can be installed in a variety of premises including offices, flats, educational buildings, hospitals, gyms and hotels.  Providing a safer and more secure environment for you and your employees.

Different options available?

Access Control Systems has two main functions, securing a door or access point and recording movement. What do you want your system to do? This will be determine by which one of a number of solutions is right for you and your business.

Networked Access Control Systems – NET2

  • These systems can be anywhere from 2 to over 10,000 doors, with the level of software determining how many doors the system can support
  • Ideal for enhancing your businesses operational procedures. Networked systems provide a record of movement and whereabouts of staff and customers, as well as controlling traffic flow if used with barriers or gate automation
  • Integration with other security systems for example, this could mean linking your access system with the fire system so that in the event of an emergency, doors can fail safe or fail secure where necessary.
  • Integration with HR, payroll or working time directive system. Your access control fob that logs you in in the morning can also act as a payroll tool showing your time & attendance for management purposes.
  • Intuitive Access Control software means you can manage your buildings security from a central software platform. This means you can decide who goes where, at what time and with whom. If a card is lost or stolen, in 30 seconds it can be removed from the entire network and replaced with an inexpensive card or key fob.

Standalone access control systems

  • Secure a single door typically the controller will be built into the reader. Options vary from keypad to MIFARE card, or a combination of the two.
  • This is the ideal solution if you are simply looking to secure a single door or a small number of doors across a large site. As there is no network between them, or central interface, installation costs are reduced.
  • These systems are programmed locally to the reader, meaning if you have two or three on site, the details must be entered in multiple times. There is also no integration with other systems, such as ‘fail safe’ in the event of a fire.
  • We will ensure your business network is unburdened, your security is simplified and that your systems communicate such as fire systems, CCTV, payroll, HR if required to do so. We will also provide training and support during the transition period.

Maintenance Contracts

Our Access Control System aftercare and maintenance service ensures you get the most from your system.

We can offer you a maintenance contract to suit your requirements and also your budget. This could be in the form of a simple pro-active visit per annum agreement to keep everything in optimum order, or an all-inclusive reactive and proactive maintenance lump sum contract, making sure your costs are fixed for the year with no hidden labour or call out charges.

Our customer base extends to all of Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire which includes Barnsley, Bradford, Chesterfield, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop and Wakefield.

Contact Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions today on 01709 761 007 for a free security survey, risk-assessment or simply to discuss your security requirements using Access Control.

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We were really impressed with Scaitec and found them to be friendly, helpful and professional. They explained the different options available and helped us to decide which access control system would best suit our needs.

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