DOOR ENTRY SYSTEMS Increase security at your home or business

No security system would be complete without a secure door entry system. Here at Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions that’s exactly what we provide! Our door entry systems are the ideal solution to controlling who enters and exits your property, and are completely secure.

Coming with a whole host of options, including video, card and keypad entry systems, our door entry systems really are a great way of ensuring your property remains closed to unauthorised access.

It is possible to observe clearly who comes to your property, and when our door entry systems are coupled with our fantastic range of access control systems, you can be sure of a reliable, secure entrance to your property.

Our team will be only too happy to talk you through our huge range of door entry systems, fully explaining their advantages to you. We’ll help you chose the perfect door entry system for your needs, whether commercial or domestic.

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Paxton Access Control

Access control systems do a lot more today than simply locking and unlocking doors. It is crucial for businesses to keep their business assets safe and eliminate threats to remain profitable. We understand choosing an access control system is an important financial decision for most companies. The cost is of course important, but the system also needs to match your requirements.

Paxton’s development team are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organisations. Paxton’s commitment has resulted in their products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions are an approved installer of the Paxton Access Control System. All our solutions can be tailored to meet the customer’s individual needs. We offer a range of products which include the full Net 2 range. Our applications range from a signal door entrance to a large complex site. We also use other recognized manufactures allowing us to offer a whole host of various readers and systems to meet different customer needs.

What are the Primary Functions of the Paxton Access Control System?

  • To monitor the locations of individuals with your premises
  • To keep your building secure
  • Controlling where individuals are able to gain access
  • User permissions can be set to ensure access is granted to the correct personnel, the right areas and also during the right time to suit the business requirements.

What innovative Products do Paxton do?

Standalone Access Control

This type of access may be used to control access on one or many independent doors to a building. Access can be gained using a pin number, numeric code, proximity fob depending on the type of system you choose. A standalone system is programmed at each door and are suitable for small businesses, sports clubs, schools and storage units.

Paxton Compact System

This type of system is also a standalone system where all of the electronic controls are in the keypad or the reader. These systems are a very cost effective means of controlling the access to your premises. This system is not recommended for exterior doors or high security interior doors due to the electronics being housed in the reader or the keypad. This type of system is available in a choice off keypads, proximity reader or a card reader. Access is gained by entering a pin number or a code, presenting the fob or card. A compact system can be fitted to one door or many doors to a building. The option to add additional doors is available.

This system is suitable for Small business premises, Sports clubs, any low-risk internal door, apartment complexes and storage units.

Paxton Easy Prox compact Keypad

Where it is difficult to wire to a mains power source, Paxton have designed a compact keypad which is a battery powered lock and access control system. This type of system is suitable for controlling access to an internal door.

Paxton PC Based Access Control

This type of system is referred to as a PC based or networked access control system. These systems may control a number of doors within a building. Access is gained by presenting a proximity token, card or by entering a code or a pin number. Depending on the type of reader that is fitted this system has the ability to utilise hands-free tokens. This system is controlled centrally from the PC via a network. The permissions and commands for each door are controlled centrally from the PC.

The Benefits of this type of system:

  • Access can be denied instantly by blocking an access token.
  • Groups of users can be defined within the system with each group having different access rights and permissions
  • The system is very flexible and easy to use.
  • The system can generate reports showing who went were along with dates and times.
  • Many systems allow the control of additional buildings all one one system using LAN/WAN.

PC based system are all used to control other systems for example fire doors, lifts, lighting and intruder alarms.

Typical applications we install these systems are Small to Medium sized cooperate businesses, multi-site premises, universities, government offices, car parks, and sports clubs.

Paxton Net2 Number Plate Reader

The ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) reader has been developed for Net2. Using a built-in infrared camera, this reader is able to read the number plate of approaching cars before they come to a complete halt. It passes the information to the Net2 system to determine whether to permit or deny access. The number plate reader is perfect for controlling the access of vehicles through a gate or barrier.

This solution for gate access is easy to install with minimal set up and configuration. It is a competitively priced solution if you need to use a number plate recognition system to ensure the correct access is granted, Contact Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions today on 01709 761 007 to discuss how an Access Control System can work for you.

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