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In this day and age burglaries are an unfortunate fact of life. Protect your property with a professional Intruder  alarm.

Dealing with a break in can be a very traumatic experience; dealing with the loss of your possession, the invasion of your privacy not to mention the damage a break in often leaves. The emotional trauma of a break in can be even harder to overcome. By having a burglar alarm installed you should find a reduction in your insurance premiums also.

Based in Rotherham, Scaitec install buglar alarms in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and across South Yorkshire. Speak to one of our expert team today to discuss your requirements.

Why do you need a Intruder  alarm?

Scaitec fire & security solutions are experts in security systems that protect the things that matter the most, but we are people too and have experienced the emotional stress that being a victim of a break in leaves behind. Police studies have shown a well fitted and maintained burglar alarm makes you less likely to become the victim of a break in.

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Intruder Alarms for Businesses

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions understand the importance of protecting your business, assets and also offering peace of mind to your staff. More and more businesses are being targeted by crime. Every theft cost a business money and can jeopardise everything you have worked for. All our systems are bespoke and tailored around the business needs. We have customers in Schools, petrol stations, shopping arcades, warehouses, industrial premises, football stadiums, basically our systems are tailored to any sort of business however small or large we can offer you the complete solution.

We understand that any security solution needs to minimise further business disruption. Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions will carry out a full site survey and risk analysis to determine your exact requirements and the type of systems we can offer you. Once the system has been designed and installed we will train you and your staff in the use of the system with minimal disruption.

For your additional peace of mind all of our staff are screened to the British Standard BS7858.

A consultant will be happy to come to your business premises and recommend the perfect solution. To arrange a visit please call the team on 01709 761007.

Intruder  alarms and home security

The type of alarm you need for your home depends on the layout of your home, budget and the level of security you need. When choosing your alarm you need to consider what you would prefer the alarm system to do if it is activated.

Bells Only

The alarm will make a noise if the alarm is activated. This will hopefully alert anyone nearby and scare of the inteuder. It won’t contact anyone to alert them there is an activation so there is no gurantee that anything will be done.

Speech Dialer

This is device built inside the alarm, if the alarm is activate the speech dialer will call or texr the deisgnated numbers of your choice.

Key Holder Alarm Monitoring

The alarm can be connected to one of our approved monitoring stations (Receving Centre). They will either respond or will contact your nominated keyholders. Nominated keyholders must be within 20 minutes of the property and have access.

Police Response

This type of response means not only will the receiving centre be made aware the alarm is going off but the police will also be contacted by the monitoring station. Scaitec fire and & security solutions are registered with the local authorities to offer a police response. When the alarm is activated, a confirmed activation is confirmed by two indicators being triggered. A speedy response from the emergency service can quickly secure your premises. It is important to have the system maintained to avoid false activations.

Different Types of Alarms

The security industry is constantly benefiting from the advances of modern technology. Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions will discuss all the options with you and then design a system that meets your exact requirements and your budget.

Wireless Alarms

There is no need to spoil your new décor, wireless burglar alarms are 100% effective at preventing burglaries, and when installed by our fantastic team of burglar alarm installation experts, they are completely reliable. Wireless alarms look nicer and are generally easier to install and can be removed more easily if you decide to move home. They use battery powered sensors that are programmed to communicate with the alarm control panel using radio signals.

It is important that every burglar alarm is installed by professionals to ensure the alarm is correctly connected to your home and system. This means that as soon as the alarm is triggered, it will sound, alerting those in the vicinity of a problem.

A Typical Wireless Alarm Package starts from £467 and consists of:

  • 1 Intruder alarm panel
  • 1 keypad
  • 3 x Pir  sensors
  • 2 x Door contact
  • 1 x Siren Bell box
  • 1 x dummy box

Additional items can be added to the system: additional PIR, remote door contacts, door and window vibration sensors, pet sensors and much more. As with all our systems the alarm will be installed and maintained to the latest British and European Standards along with conformance to SSAIB Inspection board.

Maintaining your Intruder alarm

It is an insurance requirement and also if you want a monitored system that your burglar alarm is maintained. This will highlight any faults or issues giving you piece of mind the alarm is working correctly and not causing false activations.

We offer different levels of cover to our customers:

  • Protect – Maintenance , Callouts & Labour  as standard . The package covers the labour for the preventative maintenance inspection. This will include testing and inspecting the system during normal working hours and also  includes future engineer call outs, within working hours For full terms and conditions or for a quotation please contact us the team on 01709 761007.
  • Protect Plus  – Maintenance , Callouts, Labour and Parts .The package covers the same as the Protect but includes future engineer call outs, 24/7 , as well as replacement to any parts should it break down subject to fair wear and tear or normal deterioration. For full terms and conditions or for a quotation please contact the team on 01709 761007.

For a standard maintenance contract the alarm system will be checked once a year. If the alarm is a police response system it will need to be checked twice a year. Costs: These do vary depending on the system you have and the package you choose. We are happy to discuss these with you.

Our customer base extends to all of Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire which includes Barnsley, Bradford, Chesterfield, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop and Wakefield.

To discuss your home security needs further please call the team on 01709 761 007.

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